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Language training

Berlitz Total Immersion

Total Immersion is an exclusive Berlitz product where students take part in an intensive all-day, one-on-one program that provides complete immersion in the target language. Pioneered by Berlitz in the late 1960’s, Total Immersion meets the needs of customers who need to learn a language quickly.

Private Instruction

Berlitz private instruction enables students to learn at a pace and on a schedule that is tailored to their needs. Course content can also be most specifically customized to match their interests and the situations where they will need the language in everyday life.

Group Instruction

Group instruction allows a wide variety of activities where peer learning can take place. Group instruction is more economical than private instruction, and some students also find it easier and more rewarding to share by practicing together.

Corporate Groups

Many companies contract Berlitz courses for their employees. These charter courses provide students with the language skills they need for their work. Often these lessons take place at the students’ place of work.

Berlitz Kids & Teens

Berlitz Kids & Teens courses are exciting, innovative, and great fun.

  • Mimi & Me for Kids 4-7
  • Berlitz Global Adventure for Kids 8-11
  • Time Zones for Teens 12-18
  • Berlitz International Camps

Berlitz Study Abroad (BSA)

One of the most exciting and effective ways to learn a language is to spend time in countries where it is spoken allowing students to pick up vocabulary, pronunciation, and comprehension as they dine, shop, and travel.



Online self-study

Teach yourself a language via the award-winning web-based learning platform CyberTeachers wherever you may be, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Online live instruction – The Berlitz Virtual Classroom

The Berlitz Virtual Classroom (BVC) brings instructors and students together in real-time online. Students can enjoy all the effectiveness of live instruction right from their home or office.

Distance learning – Individual instruction by telephone

Personal live instruction over the telephone with a native speaker trainer – highly specialized content and short units to ensure maximum success.

Blended learning

The combination of individual telephone instruction and a license for CyberTeachers. Even more opportunities for faster results.

The BBCS provides customized training programs designed to develop effective business communication skills in three core areas – presentations, meetings, and negotiations, also focusing on Leadership communication. Additional modules are available, including virtual communication, management communication, and human resources.


Berlitz language proficiency testing assesses an individual’s ability to communicate in work-related environments. Berlitz offers proficiency tests online, proficiency interviews and customized tests.


Cultural solutions

Berlitz provides solutions beyond language for clients to function in business and society according to cultural values. The Cultural Navigator and Cultural Orientations Indicator (COI) by TMC – A Berlitz Company, help improve cultural competence within an organization to reduce risk, enhance innovation and maximize effectiveness.

Management solutions

Berlitz Management Solutions is a suite of capability development solutions which equips global leaders with the skills they need for global success. It provides personnel at all levels of an organization with the necessary leadership skills to successfully achieve their objectives in a complex global environment.


Established in 1961, ELS Language Centers, has become the largest campus-based network of English language instruction centers in the United States. Students of all skill levels are provided with daily opportunities to practice English and experience authentic culture. More than 1,1 million students from over 175 countries have chosen the ELS program to learn English quickly and effectively.

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